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Welcome to the Travel-verse of Headed Goose, your gateway to discovering the diverse and fascinating country of Russia. We are thrilled to be your guide to this incredible destination and to offer you a range of tailor-made tours and experiences that will bring you closer to the rich history, culture, and natural beauty of Russia.

With our expertise and local knowledge,

we aim to provide you with an unforgettable travel experience that will exceed your expectations. From the vibrant cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg to the stunning natural landscapes of Siberia and the Far East, Russia has something for everyone.

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of experienced travel specialists is dedicated to providing you with personalised and flexible tour packages that cater to your individual interests and preferences. Whether you are interested in exploring the iconic landmarks, experiencing the local culture, or embarking on a unique adventure, we have the perfect tour for you.

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high-quality services that ensure your comfort, safety, and satisfaction throughout your journey in Russia. Our team is available around the clock to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we are committed to making your trip to Russia an unforgettable one.


MICE Travel

● Venue Selection and Booking      ● Event Planning and Management     ● Accommodation and Travel Arrangements     ● On-site Support     ● Catering and Banquet Services     ● Team Building Activities and Incentive Programs     ● Post-Event Evaluation

Our MICE services are highly customizable, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the corporate event or conference. Our team provides comprehensive support throughout the entire event lifecycle, ensuring that all aspects of the gathering are carefully planned, organized, and executed to meet the desired outcomes and create a memorable and impactful experience for attendees.

Customized group and FIT travel

● Corporate travel ● Experiential travel ● Adventure travel ● Leisure travel ● Cultural travel ● Luxury travel ● Family travel ● Educational travel ● Honeymoon travel

Tour packages offer a hassle-free way to travel, catering to various purposes and individual preferences. With the assistance of our dedicated professional team, every aspect of your travel is meticulously taken care of - from meticulous planning to meticulous arrangements, including transfers and bookings, to explore the diverse landscapes of the world.

VIP services

● Airport Lounges ● Fast-Track Immigration and Security ● Private Transfers ● Personal Concierge ● Upgraded Accommodations ● Exclusive Experiences ● Special Services and Amenities ● Private jets ●Helicopters

VIP services provide an elevated and exclusive travel experience, catering to discerning travelers who value luxury, privacy, and personalized attention. These services encompass a range of amenities and privileges designed to enhance every aspect of your journey. The specific offerings may vary depending on the destination and service provider, and the level of customization requested. By availing VIP services, you can expect a heightened level of luxury, convenience, and personalized attention, creating a truly exceptional travel experience.


● Hotel booking ● Apartment booking ● Villas

We offer comprehensive services to ensure that you find the perfect accommodation that meets your preferences, budget, and travel requirements. Our dedicated team takes care of the intricate details, ensuring that you find the ideal place to stay, whether it's a hotel, resort, villa, or alternative accommodation option. Our commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail ensures that your stay is comfortable, memorable, and hassle-free.

Tour guides

● Fluent English ● Professional knowledge ● Culture ● Etiquette ● Personalized experience ● Assistance and support

Our tour guide services are designed to enhance your travel experience by providing knowledgeable and professional guides who are fluent in English and well-versed in the local culture and etiquette. Our guides serve as your companions, offering valuable insights, in-depth knowledge, and ensuring that you make the most of your journey.

Visa support

● Guidance on Visa Requirements ● Document Preparation ● Official invitations

Visa arrangement assistance is a valuable service provided by our team to help private clients and groups obtaining the necessary visas to Russia. By utilizing our services, you can benefit from our expertise, guidance, and support to navigate the visa application process smoothly and maximize your chances of a successful visa outcome.


● International air tickets ● Domestic air transfers ● Train tickets ● Transfers ● Airport fast-track ● VIP services

By availing our services, you can enjoy the convenience of booking international and domestic air tickets of all cabin classes from major airlines, secure train tickets, experience seamless transfers, benefit from airport fast-track services, and indulge in VIP services tailored to your preferences.

Cruise booking

● Cruise Selection ● Expert Advice and Recommendations ● Pricing and Special Offers ● Cabin Selection and Upgrades ● Ancillary Services

24/7 client support

● Round-the-Clock Availability ● Multiple Communication Channels ● Travel Assistance ● Itinerary Support ● Problem Resolution ● Emergency Support ● Language Support ● Post-Trip Support ● Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

Providing 24/7 client support is an essential service for our travel company to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and assistance. By offering 24/7 client support, our team aims to provide seamless assistance and peace of mind to customers throughout their travel journey. This dedicated support ensures that customers receive timely help, personalized guidance, and solutions to any issues that may arise, enhancing their overall travel experience.

The Great Indian Wedding Celebration

● Venue Selection     ● Wedding Theme and Decor     ● Traditional Rituals and Ceremonies     ● Vendor Management     ● Guest Management     ● Wedding Attire and Styling     ● Entertainment and Performances      ● Logistics and Timeline Management     ● Wedding Photography and Videography     ● Wedding Day Coordination

Arranging a Great Indian Wedding Celebration is a complex and elaborate process that involves meticulous planning and coordination. Our dedicated team tailor our offerings based on the couple's preferences, cultural traditions, and budget, aiming to create personalized experience that reflects the couple's unique love story and cultural heritage. We handle every aspect of the planning and execution process, ensuring that the couple can enjoy their special day to the fullest while creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for choosing Headed Goose for your travel needs in Russia. We look forward to welcoming you to
this incredible country and to providing you with an unforgettable travel experience.